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Our Impact

Flexible and adaptive

Relying on our manufacturing facilities, partners and supply chain, we are able to offer numerous options as well as the possibility of customization. We're also developing even more options with different materials, techniques and finishes. This gives artists and brands all the creativity space that they need.

Cost Effective

With our advantageous manufacturing location, years of manufacturing efficiency improvement, we're able to keep our price at a reasonable range.

Great quality

We can't be using something for a couple of times and then throw it away. PinoGreen's materials are made with the highest standard of quality to make sure that they really last.


Tropical plants like pineapples or bananas are typically grown in regions considered the economically disadvantaged "Global South". We actively work with our partner farms, giving them new opportunities. 

Let's be real here, sustainability requires effort from every single one of us. That's why we aim to maximize the availability of our materials. How are we gonna do that?



Allow us to repeat,

every single one of us.

What's waste?

We make full use of agricultural waste to create added value for production, which not only increases farmers' income, but also helps to improve ecology and reduce waste and improve resource utilization.

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What do we use to reduce PinoGreen's impact on the environment?

Pineapple, Banana & Mulberry Fiber

Agricultural waste, no extra input, virtually zero carbon footprint.

Hemp, Linen & Ramie

Each requires 100+ X less water than cotton, zero or extremely low precedes of pesticides.¹

Solvent-Free PU

Toxic fumes? Energy-hungry heating process? There's none of that. We prefer an option that's better for our planet, for you, and for our workers.

Natural Rubber

Responsibly sourced natural rubber, a fantastic PU replacement, 100% plant-based, 100% biodegradable, earth-friendly.

1. Nigam, M.A.D.H.U.R.I. and Yadav, V.I.B.H.A., 2019. Linen-The Classic Fibre for Futuristic Fashion. International Journal of Applied Social Science, 6(3), pp.659-667.

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