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Our Story


Early Beginnings

Hong Kong native Michael enters the international textile market as a successful importer of Italian leather. Meanwhile, Sisi, from across the continent in Hangzhou, nurtures her passion for textile design and sustainable fashion during her college days.


First Encounter

At a textile industry gala in Guangzhou, Michael and Sisi's worlds serendipitously collide. A shared passion for textiles and sustainable practices ignite both a professional collaboration and a personal romance.



The couple begin exploring linen, hemp, and ramie textile industries, uncovering the sustainability potential of these natural fibers over cotton and polyester. This marks the start of their two-decade-long journey towards creating eco-friendly textile alternatives.


The Birth of PinoGreen

During a trip to Zhanjiang, China, Michael and Sisi witness the wastage of discarded pineapple leaves. This sparks the innovative idea for their PinoGreen project - transforming agricultural waste into high-quality, sustainable textiles.


The Future Starts

Michael and Sisi began exploring other agricultural waste materials such as banana stalk fiber and mulberry stalk fiber. And in September, PinoGreen will make its first grand international debut at Lineapelle Milano Rho 2023.

Plant the future.



They worked closely with local farmers, scientists and engineers to find the right enzymes and develop patented machines to turn tough pineapple leaves into beautiful fibers, creating a process with zero environmental impact.

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