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Our Story

When a couple attending a textile industry conference in 1995 discovered their mutual passion for sustainability, a story of innovation, romance, and environmental revolution began to unfurl.

What's waste?

Discover how PinoGreen upcycles agricultural waste in a closed-loop supply chain.

Patents & Certifications

Our Mission

PinoGreen is committed to revolutionizing the textile industry through the conversion of agricultural waste into sustainable textiles. Our mission encapsulates promoting circular economy, improving livelihoods, reducing environmental impact, and fostering community development.

Our Vision

PinoGreen envisions becoming the global vanguard of sustainable material production, seamlessly merging fashion with environmental stewardship. We aspire to transform today's waste into tomorrow's resources, continually innovating within nature's palette. Our ultimate goal is to weave a greener future, where every thread echoes a narrative of sustainability.

Our impact

Discover how PinoGreen makes a difference.

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