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At PinoGreen, we bring life to agricultural waste using sustainable fibers & technology, creating ecological materials that truly helps to plant the future for the fashion industry.







ecological vegan leather - ecological textiles - agricultural waste up cycling materials - pineapple leaf fiber textiles - pineapple leather

Green 3D text that says the word "future".




Materials that break limits↗︎↗︎↗︎

A wide range of selections and combinations


Varied and affordable price points


Sustainable, scalable solutions 

Still cotton-obsessed?

Cotton farming is consuming tons of water and using pesticides. We're offering something better.

60-70% less water

Linen, Hemp & Ramie

Pineapple Fiber

0 extra resource input

Black PinoGreen vegan leather made with pineapple fiber (agricultural waste) and solvent-free PU

Discover our stunning materials.

Discover our stunning materials.


A Piece of PinoGren Non-Woven Pineapple Fabric

Plants + X = ∞

Discover the journey of PinoGreen materials.

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